...based in a 250 square meters space in Cao Chang Di (Beijing), in the core of one of the most emblematic Chinese contemporary art scene,

initiated by influential artist Ai Wei Wei, studio O is defined as an ar(t)chitecture atelier exploring a wide spectrum of creative fields such as:

architecture, art, urban design, media, graphic & product design.We are constantly experimenting new paths,

where the approach in every project is the unique result of specific inputs, coming from different angles:

cultural, environmental, material, with particular attention on preserving & emphasizing the existing beauty,

which constitutes the essential aspect in every intervention.

Once identified, we embrace these realities & transform them into customized, tailored, & unique results,

expressed through a contemporary artisanal approach, in a big spectrum of creative fields.

We are in constant exploration for new methods of work/presentation, that go through graphic expressions (art collages, ‘2.5D’),

physical models in all scales & materials and constantly collaborate with artists from different fields on our commissioned projects & vice versa.